Why We Love Temporary Tattoos

Everyone says that tattoos are addicting... once you get one, you want more.  We can vouch that these are no different!
Once this tattoo has worn off, what will I get next time?  And maybe I’ll get a few more!

There is the savings of time, money and pain but that’s not even why. 

They’re a great way to rehearse for the real thing.  You can try them on for size and placement to see if it's right for you, before you commit.

Speaking of commitment (ahem... we might have issues) these are perfect because you can try it out and see if you love it enough to say I do.

Maybe you just want to rock a big mother-of-a-tattoo for the weekend and forget about it Monday morning? No problem.

We can’t actually think of a reason not to wear one. 
In fact, message us and tell us what inspired you.  We are genuinely interested!