Get a custom Promo Code for you and your followers!

It's simple:
We'll set up and monitor your custom Promo Code in our system.  Every time this code is used for a purchase, a discount gets applied to the total and you make a profit!
Codes cannot be used with other sales or promotions.
Tattoo Artists / Shops:
Do you have clients that don't know what they want?  Or where to place it?  Send them over to grab some styles and sizes before they commit.  This will help clients clarify what they want, where they want it, and best of all, you make extra income!

Models / Photographers / MUA:
Tattoos are a great way to add that extra wow factor in your videos or photos.  Great to use for photoshoots, cosplay, accessorize your outfit or just have some fun!  Send your followers and enjoy some extra cash!

To join our Mint Tattoos Affiliate Program, please email and we'll get the process started for you!